1. Financial Planning and Investment experience
2. Licensed Real Estate Agency
3. Collaboration with Land Developers and Builders 

Q Plan Developments combines all of the attributes above. It is not merely a marketer and reseller of property as many other companies. This gives us a unique position in the market. We will collaborate with other professionals to deliver on all the points above.


We firstly commissioned our own builders that normally build up-market homes in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and northern beaches. Together have created a high quality product at a sub $500,000 price point suitable for the property investor.

We remain small enough to deliver on flexibility, quality and service but big enough to deliver on our promises and provide excellent backup.

We Believe In…

  • No Broken Promises
  • No Expensive Advertising
  • No Flashy Seminars
  • No Glossy Magazines

Because who pays for it? You the client!

Instead we rely on simple customer satisfaction and word of mouth advertising and believe in the quality of what we deliver.

Better Control


  • Generous Referral Fee
  • QS Report Supplied
  • Cash Flow Bonuses
  • One Fixed price
  • Rental guarantee
  • Portfolio management