Follow one of our construction projects in real time against the completion deadline.

This is a current project for one of our clients. We are featuring it here as an running example of a project we will run on-time and on-budget. This is what you can expect when working with Q Plan.

Build Start: 27 Aug 2012

Targeted Completion: 27 Feb 2013

27 Aug 2012 – Earth-works started



Early Sept 2012 – Laying the slab

slab is laidslab works



10 Sept 2012 – Framing goes up


14 Sept 2012 – Bricks are laid

brick workbrick workbrick work


26 Sept 2012 – Roofing goes on

Sept 26 aSept 26 bSept 26 c


A word from the investors who own this house…

Bulding our property with Q Plan Developments has been a very pleasing experience till now. Roy helped us right from the start when he brought the proposal to us. He allayed our fears about the financial aspects of the build with his advise and expert financial advise from an actual banker. Once that was sorted out, Roy and the builder Steve, took it upon themselves to involve me and my husband in almost every detail of the build. We were introduced to the world of brick colours, roof tiles, awnings, skirting boards and alcoves. Fascinating as that was !

The build itself has been phenomenal.. it is going at great speed; it started at the end of August and we have the structure up and ready for inside details within 4 weeks !…throwing us off completely as ours seems to be one of the only couple of houses being built while the other “Large Builder’ houses around us are still not even excavated yet !

The next phase of choosing inclusions, colors and textures inside the house will be even more exciting ..we look forward to catching up with Roy and Steve soon.

All in all, great professionalism from Roy and Steve, who’ve come together on this build.. they are exceeding expectations till now.. fingers crossed we’ve still got happy stories to tell everyone later.

5 Oct 2012

Internal Sheeting, Cornices and Waterproofing

Rooms are taking shape creating a light and airy space, next waterproofing to the wet areas by our certified expert.
Provision for the double stone-top vanities to the bathrooms can be seen.

5th oct 12 walls15th oct 12 shower5th oct 12 walls2

5th oct 12 walls35th oct 12 bathroom 1


15 Oct 2012 – Lock-Up !

This is a major point in the construction, as the property can now be secured and the major interior works such as tiling, kitchens, bathrooms etc can start.

15th oct 2012 lockup


4 Nov 2012 – Kitchen and Bathroom being installed

Bathroom Nov 2Kitchen Nov 2

Kitchen Nov 2Kitchen Nov 2


8 Dec 2012 – Getting Close to Done

Finishing touches to interior comprising installation of kitchen appliances, carpets and plumbing to the sinks in kitchen and bathroom.
The landscaping starts with ground leveling and putting in the driveways.

8th dec front of house6 dec bathroom vanity6 dec front yard works

8th dec back yard8th dec kitchen stove


10 Dec 2013 – Property Finished

Property finished (last minute attn to front lawn, driveway painted and porch edge required now completed ). Almost 2 months before schedule and rented out immediately for the client.
Air con fitted just prior to tenant moving in.
Client and tenant very happy with high standard of finishes to kitchen and bathroom and overall attention to detail.
More photos of this and other properties available on request.

Front Door



Quest 24 Stonecutters Ridge.

Follow our build in actual time of our latest design the Quest 24

28/6/2013 – Clients settled on land
10/7/2013 – Design Approval
17/7/2013 – CDC Approval


24th JULY 2013 SLAB
The Slab is poured and left for 1 week to mature.

The Frames are erected, windows are next to be installed.


The builders can now start laying bricks and rendering some areas.